“Perfectionism is the art of never being satisfied.”

01 Weather App

Image of a Weather app I created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

02 React Weather App

Image coming soon

03 Coming Soon

image coming soon


Weather App

During the Shecodes Plus course, the final project was to create a weather app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as intergrating an OpenWeather API to access real time data. This was my first experience with JavaScript, though It took a bit longer to wrap my head around it, after a lot of trial and error, I surprisingly enjoyed the complexity of the language. You can view the project here , and the source code here.


After completing the SheCodes plus course, I then went on to recreate the weather app using React with the help of the Shecodes React course. This course advanced my knowledge by using HTML, CSS, Open weather API and React. React opened my eyes to the efficiency of streamlining JavaScript into different components, and the enjoyment this flexibility brings. You can view the project here, and the source code here.



Coming Soon

A new project to create a Website for a Classic Automobiles Company is in the works. This will involve using html, css and Javascript to create a Product Listing page, Contact page, Services Available and a way to display currently available cars to purchase.



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